Domain Setup

A domain is the starting point of any website, your unique name and where google will find you from. Our’s is Most people register their company name, or the newly available .nz

We can help you through this process, or you can do it yourself.

The first step is to register your name. We recommend 1st Domains, as they are price competitive and they are also easy to setup (thus reducing the labour involved in the next step)

The next step is to point the domain to a web-host (where your website files will be held), this can be technical and should be done by a professional, we offer web hosting and if we are doing your website this is preferable as the labour time of working on other systems usually outweighs any minor hosting costs.

Estimated Work and Cost:

Domain Hosting Cost(Recurring) + Setup time around 1 Hour (if using 1st Domains and hosting is with us)

It is usually best if the customer has ownership of the domain name, This also means that 1st Domains will bill you directly.

$40 / Hour for Labour – All prices are in NZ$ and exclude GST – The above times and prices are and indication only. Prices may change without notice, and labour hours are only estimates. Actual time, travel and expenses will be charged. However, This should show how efficiently we can get it done.

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