Site Design

This involves getting the look and feel of your site sorted. Designing logos, headers, pictures, colours, all of that. It can take some time, or can be straight from a template (wordpress theme). We can design logos and takes pictures, or you can supply from a designer, the more info the better. This can be the biggest step, but doesn’t have to be, that all depends on how unique and customised you would like your site to be and how much you can do. With a bit of learning and some time, you can even do it yourself!

Estimated Work and Cost:

This one is impossible to estimate. You can spend weeks and a design, or it can be done in a couple of hours.

$40 / Hour for Labour – All prices are in NZ$ and exclude GST – The above times and prices are and indication only. Prices may change without notice, and labour hours are only estimates. Actual time, travel and expenses will be charged. However, This should show how efficiently we can get it done.

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