Web Hosting

The web server is where all of the files for your website are stored, every site needs one. We offer hosting which is managed here is NZ and works.

This only has to be setup once, and all plans are unlimited (reasonable) use data. Email hosting and forwarding comes free by default.

Estimated Work and Cost:

Web Hosting $15/Month for the First Site
Extra Sites for the same customer $10/Month

Extra domains pointing to the same site are only charged setup time no monthly cost

Setup time around 1 Hour if using 1st Domains and hosting with us

It is preferred to having hosting with us, it’s much easier time-wise (you will have a smaller labour bill), and we know it works!

$40 / Hour for Labour – All prices are in NZ$ and exclude GST – The above times and prices are and indication only. Prices may change without notice, and labour hours are only estimates. Actual time, travel and expenses will be charged. However, This should show how efficiently we can get it done.

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