Photography and Content

The final step, Add the content! This is where you website will shine! You need lots of awesome photos, heaps of written content and maybe even a video or two. We don’t know what your website will be about, so hopefully you have all this… But if not, we can work together and create something amazing. We can come to your location and take photos, get some details and chuck it at the site. Any marketing info will help.

Since the site will be running wordpress if you know how to edit photos (and a little bit of html/computer knowledge) you can do all this yourself. We encourage this from our clients as the best websites are continuously updated. There is even a iphone/android app so you can update it from your phone. But if not, just send us the info and it doesn’t take long to put it online.

Estimated Work and Cost:

This is a service we offer, but can also be supplied from the customer.

$40 / Hour for Labour – All prices are in NZ$ and exclude GST – The above times and prices are and indication only. Prices may change without notice, and labour hours are only estimates. Actual time, travel and expenses will be charged. However, This should show how efficiently we can get it done.

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